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Mr. Bal Krishna Dahal


"Mr. Bal Krishna Dahal leads the academic team of Shine Global. He is a highly qualified professional who has been involved in education for the last 13 years. Being a teacher himself, Mr. Dahal knows the mentality and learning styles of students thoroughly. Mr. Dahal is well versed in the intricacies of the pedagogy that is involved in teaching language proficiency and reasoning. He lends his skills in pedagogy to all the classes conducted at Shine Global and also trains all our teachers to exacting standards.

Mr. Dahal has an M. Phil in English and he has a good experience in recruiting students in the US Universities and colleges. Having excelled in teaching, Mr. Dahal is also a former principal in an elite school and has lectured for many years.

Mr. Dahal is instrumental in making all lesson materials at Shine Global. He makes sure that the lesson material is comprehensive and that the lessons are taught with the best and most practical teaching methodology and pedagogy. His philosophy is that each student should be engaged on an individual level and getting the best outcome for the student is his top priority.

Mr. Dahal works closely with the CEO, Mr. Bhuwan Prasai, to ensure that students who are in the pipeline get the IELTS results they need to apply for admission.