The Mission of Shine Global is to integrate educational values with the the principles of honesty and transparency to obtain the very best outcome for each Student. Shine Global aims to bring to the forefront educational values that state that everyone has the right to the best education possible and while doing so be completely honest with all our students, guardians and all other stakeholders.


Our Vision is to find the perfect synthesis between technology and educational values, and then integrate this synthesis in our endeavors in International Education. We see a world in the future that will provide high tech platforms for education with old school values in a harmonious blend that creates the best educational environment for the student.


Our Goal is to cater to a small but exclusive niche of students and by the completion of 2020, become a Consultancy renowned for its integrity, commitment to student outcomes and investment in expertise and technology.

Welcome To
Welcome To

Shine Global Educational Consultancy

Welcome to Shine Global Educational Services. Shine is a new effort in study abroad and test prep but has the most experienced counsellors in Nepal. Our counsellors have helped hundreds of students to study in very good universities in New Zealand, Australia, UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Teachers in Shine Global have many successful students in their history of work. They assist students to get the scores that students need for entry into good universities abroad. Our LED classes make sure that the students understand everything about tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE....

Preparing for global exposure